Your Feedback

We all love to be appreciated. Praise feeds the soul. Below are some of the lovely things our customers say....

"I have been shopping with Paternoster Designs for many years now. I first met them at a craft show and have been literally HOOKED ever since! There are many reasons why, besides their GREAT designs! They are friendly, customer service oriented, and willing to alter a treasured piece of jewelry to make it just right for you! There are many things that inspire me about the jewelry created by this talented team. First of all, it is all unique, and many pieces are one-of-a-kind. One of the MANY things I really love about their creations is their flair and the organic feel. I love the combination of metals used in many of their creations – for example, a copper pendant with a splash of silver. I also love the free-form shapes. The watches made by Jose Paternoster are beautiful and made to conform to the wrist. They retain their patina over the years, and are comfortable and fun to wear. I keep saying I have “too much jewelry” – but there is never “too much” - as I always find a reason to add another piece to my ever growing collection In fact, I can’t wait to see what is in store at their next show!"   Angie Gianino Neel


"I have been going to Sugarloaf Arts and Crafts for many years. The main reason is because years ago I found very lovely and unique jewelry made by Jose. I love the one of a kind pieces and always purchase something new and interesting. I have pendants, rings, earrings and watches. I have also purchased unique pieces to give as gifts. I always look forward to her display of wonders."  Betsy Slepetz


"I am not sure of the exact date but it has to be over 15 years ago when I first saw Paternoster Designs on a table in front of St. Anthony’s church on Houston Street in NYC. I was immediately taken with the watch designs and as it was my birthday I bought one of them. Little did I know at the time that I would be returning to this vendor/artist for many years purchasing a new watch as new designs appeared. I even started to buy them for friends. By this point we had become friendly and it was always a pleasure to stop by their stand and chat about their unique designs. We lost touch for a while and then I ran into them at the Barrow Street fair a few years ago and then at the Christmas Village at Union Square just this year. I was so glad to see they are still plugging away. Their designs are true artistry and have a uniqueness that is appealing to anyone who hungers for the non-traditional. I always feel like I am wearing a one of a kind piece of art when I wear one of their watches and I always get comments about them. As with all true artist things come full circle and I now have the privilege of teaching dance to their son at the Brooklyn Arts Exchange. Don’t you just love NYC." Andrew Jannetti


"I bought my first watch from Jose more than 18 years ago because I really liked his creative designs, and have bought watches from him every since. Phyllis has bought watches and jewelry from them also because of their creative, unique styles. If there have been any problems, and wearing a watch and banging it around for 18 years can cause problems, Jose was always available to make it right. We check their website to see what they are doing, and where they are selling. They are just lovely people to know and do business with."   Jerry and Phyllis Morgan, New York 


 "I became a loyal customer of Jose’s 18 years ago, and I have been enjoying his beautifully designed watches ever since. Over the years, I have had the pleasure of getting to know both Jose and it has been a joy to support them. Their pieces are among my favorite items in my jewelry collection and have received more compliments on his watches than I can count. I can attest to the craftsmanship since I have had many of them for well over a decade and they still work beautifully. Every year I add to my collection and look forward to what new designs they will come up with. Simply put: priceless works of art created by two wonderful souls." Molly Cohen, Brooklyn, NY


We had to share this image with you,
it was sent to us by one of our customers,
Heath Wang, who felt so inspired by his watch
that he created this amazing illustration for us!
Thank you Heath!