Repair and Service Request Form

If your watch is in need of repair or service, please download our form here

Please print out the form, fill it in and return it with your watch to our mailing address:
Paternoster Designs  
P.O. Box 4252, West Palm Beach, FL, 33402-4252
Thank you for doing business with Paternoster Designs.




1. Complete all of the requested information.

2. Pack your watch securely in padded wrapping materials (for protection against shock) in a sturdy box, and/or padded envelope.

3. Include your warranty or a copy of the original sales receipt if your watch is still within the warranty period. If your watch is out of warranty, you will receive a Service Estimate indicating all repair costs, including shipping and handling back to you.

  - If there is service/repair cost, our charge is between $20.00 - $50.00, which includes labor, parts, shipping and handling.

  - If there is cost, we will contact you for customer approval before we do any repairs.

4. Ship your watch to us by US Postal service, with tracking number. Our mailing address is:
    Paternoster Designs P.O. Box 4252, West Palm Beach, FL, 33402-4252

5. After we receive your watch, we will perform a thorough inspection in order to provide you with a Service Estimate.

6. If there is a cost for repairs or service, you will receive a Service Estimate, sent directly to the email address you provide, detailing the work required, the cost (if no longer under warranty), and the approximate time it will take to repair your watch.

7. Your approval of the Service Estimate is required to complete the watch repairs. You may also refuse the Service Estimate and no service will be performed. We will return your watch to you in the condition in which it was received.

8. If there is cost for the service/repairs, we will contact to so that you can send us payment via PayPal, or credit card.